KOR and the Almond Board Showcase New Concepts at IFT14


KOR Food Innovation recently partnered with the Almond Board for the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting + Food Expo in New Orleans. We showcased a variety of innovative concepts during the show, including a variation on our now well-known almond crème. It plated like a cultured dairy-like spread not too dissimilar to a cheese spread. As always, all the recipe / formulas can be found at ALMONDS.COM, let us know which are your favorites.

Have you developed any new menu items featuring almonds recently? Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about any of the concepts from the event, or almonds in general. Chef John Csukor is known as the ALMOND ACE and can provide a plethora of experience developing with California Almonds.

Information on all the concepts below can be accessed through this page and include:
• Fig & Fine Herb Almond Crème Spread
• Honey, Sesame & Thyme Almond Crème Spread
• Brewed Almond Tea
• Savory Almond Spice Bar
• Thai Almond Clusters
• Almond Chocolate Spread with Almond Caramel Crunch
• Almond Berry Swirl with Triple Berry Almond Crunch