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Thermomix, not just a blender!

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By: Executive Chef Daniel Graban-Lopez

During my early years in the Spanish hospitality business, I kept hearing through family members or coworkers, about this innovative food processor called Thermomix. This futuristic kitchen electronic was created by a German company known as Vorwerk. Vorwerk also carries a line of efficient home vacuums.

This appliance was foreign to me until an aunt of mine purchased one, the TM3300 in the 90’s and that’s where my Thermomix journey began! It was very impressive to see complicated dishes being made in only a few minutes and all in the Thermomix. My aunt was bragging about not having to use multiple pots and pans to make a simple soup or sauce.

One of the most common things I always heard about this food processor, was how reliable it is and how people were not only creating recipes, but considerably improving them due the lack of effort and execution. The convenience of this item really attracted to me to trying it in my prep kitchen and even in my home kitchen.

The culinary appliance world has evolved drastically over the 20 years I have spent in the industry, and convenience is key. Home kitchen appliances have evolved from the modest home blender, to the Vitamix which pulverizes with ease. While some kitchen appliances have evolved over time to be more convenient, they are still only intended for one task …. unlike the Thermomix. The Thermomix is a one stop shop, allowing it to become a prominent piece of equipment both home and professional kitchens.

The original white and silver food processor was first created in France and was mostly intended for soup preparation. It initially reminded me of a modern artifact only used at a food lab, but after reading the manual, and having a chance to see what it is capable of creating, I personally feel that is an extremely user friendly and versatile device.

Every Thermomix has evolved and improved since its initial creation. The first models were very simple. However after the adjustable heat setting was incorporated to the blender in 1971, other features such as a timer, speed programs, attachments and a very functional weight scale made this piece not only convenient but very reliable.

I personally have had the opportunity to experiment with the TM21 and I own the TM31 model at home. Both are very similar but the TM31 has a larger bowl and a screen to visualize set ups for temperature and timer. The blades in this food processor are powerful enough from crushing ice to chopping nuts, herbs and vegetables.

The variety of attachments like the butterfly are very helpful when whipping some sort of creams or purees. The Varoma steamer attachment is designed for healthy cooking, fitting any type of vegetable or protein along with the small basket that allows you cook pasta or separate solid from liquids when making certain soup or stews.

Let’s talk about food and heat combinations! Who wants to make grandmas tomato sauce and then end up throwing it away because somebody forgot to stir it 3 hours after was on the stove? Well, Thermomix has the ability of lowering the blade speed to a point that it will be constantly stirred, while also cooking for the desired length, avoiding unnecessary burnt flavors…How about making a butternut squash soup in 45 minutes using a cutting board a knife and the Thermomix? Simply, clean and practical!

Due to the heating capability asset these are the basic uses for Thermomix:

Cook pasta and rice.

Steam fruit and vegetables, meat and fish.

Stew meat, vegetables and fruit.

Boil and simmer liquids like sauces, soups and maintain specific temperatures.

Chop and mince meat, nuts, herbs and vegetables.

Crush ice and frozen fruit.

Blend fruits, frostings, soups, sauces, smoothies and milkshakes.

The cost is a little higher than most high-performance blenders, with the many added features list above… the price is around $1500 US dollars. They are not sold in retail stores. The philosophy of the company is to advertise by word of mouth and have a professional come to your location to set up a live demo in order to meet the potential customers satisfaction.

A worthwhile upfront investment, the Thermomix is made to last, is durable and it can change the way you cook by eliminating extra cooking utensils, kitchen space and efficiency introducing you to a new world of recipes and methods of cooking!

I hope you enjoy it!

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