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Ingredient Showcase: Figs

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California Fig Chocolate Cake (with varying amounts of cocoa powder)

Food and beverage manufacturers are constantly searching for versatile ingredients that taste great, add nutritional value, and appeal to a variety of consumers. So it’s no surprise that fig products are making their way into packaged foods around the country. Loaded with fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, and antioxidants, this ancient fruit coincides with the recent trend towards better-for-you foods. It is also low on the glycemic index, making it a healthy and diabetic-friendly way to add a touch of sweetness to your products. Take a look below to find out about each fig form and discover ways that figs can improve your product formulation. Read More

Crowdsourced Culinary

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.Online Chef.The internet age has closed the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer. Home critics and fanatics are in a position to shape the perception of the world’s biggest brands. An anonymous blog post, or an obscure tweet has the potential to gain traction and exposure, to the point of becoming a part of any brand’s identity, for better or worse. But what happens when brands turn the helm over to the masses entirely? Read More

KOR Visits JWU for Centennial Gala & Emeril Lagasse Scholarship

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The KOR Team with Emeril Lagasse.

Recently, KOR Food Innovation attended the Johnson and Wales University Centennial Gala and Emeril Lagasse Scholarship Ceremony in Providence, Rhode Island. As Johnson and Wales Alumni, the KOR team is always honored to take part in events that support culinary education and recognize culinary excellence. Read More


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SOFA Restaurant, Warsaw, Poland

In honor of National Honey Month, we at KOR thought it would be a good idea to highlight this versatile, natural ingredient. Although most people are familiar with more common varieties, like Buckwheat or Clover honey, there are actually more than 300 honey varieties currently available in the United States. In general, lighter colored honey has a milder flavor, whereas dark honey tends to have a stronger flavor. This range of flavors presents endless possibilities for product developers. Read More

Food Arts: KOR Represents the California Fig Advisory Board

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At this year’s Food Arts show in Chicago, KOR Food Innovation partnered with the California Fig Advisory Board to exhibit innovative ways to use figs for manufacturing. Although many chefs know how to utilize fresh figs, they are not as familiar with other fig forms — fig pieces, fig nuggets, fig paste, fig juice concentrate and fig powder.

KOR’s Chef John Csukor and Chef Spencer Cole developed the Food Arts menu based on these lesser known fig forms. Adding fig products to the menu not only enhanced or balanced components of each dish, but increased the nutritional benefits — figs are high in fiber, high in antioxidants, and low on the glycemic index.


From left to right: KOR’s Chef John Csukor, KOR’s Chef Spencer Cole, and California Figs’ CEO Karla Stockli.

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KOR Visits and Presents at Johnson & Wales

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JW_GroupOn November 14th and 15th, the KOR Culinary Team — including Chef John Csukor, Chef Spencer Cole, and Chef Seeratt Dutt — set out for Providence to visit Johnson & Wales. On Thursday, they presented a case study to the product design and development class to introduce real world culinary challenges and show how KOR supports clients from the start to finish of each project. Food science and culinary students weighed in on the discussion and learned about the entire product development process — from ideation to culinary development to nutrition to design.

The KOR team was also fortunate to present at the E-Center’s “Fearless” Event, where CEO John Csukor spoke on the obstacles of owning a business in the culinary industry. His speech included encouraging words on the importance of taking risks in your career in order to become successful. The next day, the KOR team led a food styling presentation, which featured items like a pretzel bun burger and a pineapple mojito.

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Changing Perceptions of Pasta

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Pasta has been a long-time chef favorite for its texture, versatility, unique taste, and comforting flavors. Although it’s been around for centuries, pasta has transformed over the years to meet the changing needs of consumers.

As consumers have become more educated about nutrition and diet plans have become more widespread, pasta has acquired a negative perception from the general public. Consumers have identified pasta as high in calories and carbs, with little nutritional value — specifically a lack of fiber and protein.

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