KOR Represents at the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit

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This past weekend the KOR team traveled to New Orleans, LA for the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit on behalf ofDuPont Teijin Films™. There were over 19,500 attendees and over 1,200 products displayed at the show. The show represented how today’s ideas are reshaping tomorrow’s produce and floral landscape.

DuPont Teijin Films™ is the global market leader in providing safe, consistent and convenient packaging solution for over 60 years.

The KOR team showcased the ease of cooking with DuPont’s Mylar Steam Pouches to cook the vegetables for a hearty Jambalaya that was served. Open the pouch, add the vegetables, season to your liking and microwave for a couple minutes to enjoy the vegetables perfectly cooked.

A BIG thank you to theDuPont Teijin Films™ team for the excellent opportunity and a congratulations for a job well done!

Showing True Colors

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PackagingColor2Whether or not you realize it, the colors used for food and beverage packaging sends a message to potential buyers. In fact, according to the study Impact of Color in Marketing, up to 90 percent of shoppers make snap judgments based on color alone. Although color is not the end-all, the look and feel of your packaging should take careful thought and consideration. Read More

Innovative Packaging

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Packaging_16258511SmallWhen it comes to food packaging, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts! While packaging is important to help keep food fresh and safe to eat, it also can provide consumers with food preparation assistance. In fact, many trending packaging styles have a dual purpose. Check out these 3 solution-oriented packaging types and discover how they benefit consumers and companies alike. Read More

Non-GMO is The Way to go!

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Banned in a number of countries including Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, Germany, and Flesh kiwi cut ripe orange. Product of genetic engineering. Computer assembly.Luxembourg, genetically modified (GM) foods have been linked to negative health and environmental issues. In the United States there are regulations in place for GM foods, but many loopholes still exist. To put the prevalence of GMO into perspective, in 2010 around 93% of soy and 86% of corn grown in the U.S. was genetically modified. To increase consumption awareness and food education, we recommend that Americans carefully read product labels and scrutinize what they buy.

Below is a list of the top 5 crops in the U.S. that are typically genetically modified.

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The New QR Code

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Example of Blippar and how it can be used in the food industry.

Given its interactive capabilities, Blippar is slowly but surely taking the place of the once popular QR Code. Launched in the UK in 2011, Blippar has begun a major expansion to the US market this year. Recognized for being the first image recognition phone application of its kind, Blippar is aimed at bringing all forms of media to life. Whether that form of media is a newspaper, magazine, poster or an actual product, Blippar is a one-stop shop for advertising.

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