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KOR Represents at the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit

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This past weekend the KOR team traveled to New Orleans, LA for the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit on behalf ofDuPont Teijin Films™. There were over 19,500 attendees and over 1,200 products displayed at the show. The show represented how today’s ideas are reshaping tomorrow’s produce and floral landscape.

DuPont Teijin Films™ is the global market leader in providing safe, consistent and convenient packaging solution for over 60 years.

The KOR team showcased the ease of cooking with DuPont’s Mylar Steam Pouches to cook the vegetables for a hearty Jambalaya that was served. Open the pouch, add the vegetables, season to your liking and microwave for a couple minutes to enjoy the vegetables perfectly cooked.

A BIG thank you to theDuPont Teijin Films™ team for the excellent opportunity and a congratulations for a job well done!

Common Protein Misconceptions

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Protein (Eggs)Although most of us aren’t looking to bulk up for an upcoming movie role or stay competition-ready as a professional athlete, having the proper protein intake is important in leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether your protein is derived from plant or animal sources, it’s important to obtain the daily amount of protein your body needs. While many of us are informed about protein powders and high-protein foods, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding protein intake. Below is a list of 3 protein misconceptions that we at KOR would like to share. Read More

A Background That’s Far From “Vanilla”

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VanillaVanilla, the only fruit-bearing orchid, is the second most expensive spice today after saffron. Derived from the Spanish word “vaina”, or little pod, vanilla has been a sought-after commodity for centuries. Considering how vanilla is used in everything from desserts to beverages, the KOR team thought it would be fitting to give you a little background on its origin.

First harvested by Mexican Totonac tribes, vanilla was combined with chocolate to form a drink called “Xocolatl”, or the drink of the gods. Once the Aztecs conquered the Totonacs, Aztec Emperor Montezuma served it to Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés while he was searching the new world for treasure. Read More

A Year Without A Diet

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SuperfoodAlthough consumers tend to create health goals that focus on dieting and calorie counting, 2014 seems to be the year of the “no diet” movement.

Americans in particular are starting to look at the big picture and are changing their overall lifestyle instead of focusing solely on short-term goals. Whether this means going vegan, juicing, or simply cutting out processed foods altogether, Americans are no longer relying on a “fix all” diet. Based on our experience, we have put together a list of 5 ways Americans are changing their food choices this year.

1) Ignoring Low-Fat Call-outs: While in the past dieters may have gotten sucked into the “low-fat” marketing ploy, today they know better. Consumers are now buying wholesome foods to avoid processed alternatives that often lack real, nutritious ingredients. Their new go-to items include nut butters, seeds, and other foods that may not be low-fat, but are nutrient dense. 

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Chew On This

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Taking chewing gumBefore you blow your next bubble you may want to continue reading. While a piece of gum may make for a great after meal breath freshener or have a positive impact on tooth health, gum contains many toxic ingredients that are not good for your overall well-being.

Originally created using tree sap called chicle, which is a natural gum, chewing gum is now made from a synthetic rubber similar to plastic. If you look closely, one ingredient you will find on many gum labels is polyvinyl acetate, which in high doses has been proven to cause tumors in lab rats. You can often find this ingredient in many household items such as wood glue, Elmer’s glue, or carpenter’s glue.

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The Palm Oil Debate

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Oil palm fruit and cooking oilA popular topic on foodies’ minds is the palm oil debate. With heightening concerns about how palm oil is sourced, many food experts and environmentalists are pushing for consumers to purchase palm oil-free products or sustainably sourced palm oil.

What is palm oil?

A unique type of vegetable oil derived straight from the palm fruit, palm oil was first seen abundant in West Africa, an area full of heat and rainfall. Currently, almost all palm oil is produced in, and exported from, Indonesia and Malaysia which is also home to the rain forest.

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FDA Taking Steps to Ban Trans Fat From Food

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Trans FatRecently, the FDA released a statement to announce that they will be starting the process of removing artificial trans fats from the food supply. This may come as a surprise to some, but many companies and consumers seem to be supportive of the move. Considering that trans fats do not provide health benefits or have a safe level of consumption, eliminating them from food altogether makes sense.

What does this mean for food manufacturers?

Since the FDA required manufacturers to list trans fats on nutrition panels in 2006, consumption has dropped considerably. However, many companies still depend on hydrogenated vegetable oils for shelf stability, texture, and flavor stability. Producers of margarine, coffee creamers, frozen dinners, frosting, cakes, biscuits, and other trans fat-filled items will either need to re-formulate current recipes to remove trans fat or create new products to replace those being pulled from the shelves. Good news — the FDA is allowing manufacturers several years to find substitutes, so the change does not need to be made overnight.

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Snack on This

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snack fightWhile organic produce, like fruit and veggies, is a healthy choice, consumers often choose to buy boxed and processed foods instead. Unfortunately, although most consumers know the better food choice, various factors determine what items actually end up in the grocery cart. Recent studies have shown that product availability, marketing, taste, convenience, and price all impact consumer buying decisions.

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Eating With Your Eyes

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Did you ever wonder why when you look at a plate of cookies too long you are tempted to eat one?  At KOR we know first-hand that eating is a sensory experience that goes well beyond your taste buds. To share our knowledge, we decided to provide you with a brief introduction about how eating with your eyes affects your food choices.

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